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Packers At Eagles: Kevin Kolb And Aaron Rodgers Like The Way They Handled Things

Kevin Kolb & Aaron Rodgers both arrived at their starting jobs in similar ways. They took over for long time franchise QBs after spending three years on the bench watching. This week, both were asked what they thought of each and how they handled their transition… Turns out, there’s parallels in the way these guys talk too.

Kevin Kolb

“The big thing I pull from him is how he handled everything. The whole picture, that’s with [QB] Brett [Favre] leaving, similar to me with Donovan, also, in my opinion, it’s taking over a good team, it’s not like young guys who come in and they’re doing a rebuilding thing, we both had good teams coming in to, so success is demanded right off the bat, and it’s no different here.”

Aaron Rodgers

“I’ve been a big fan of his because of the way he’s handled himself,” Rodgers said. "He’s done a nice job. It’s never an easy situation but I think he’s a very talented guy, big strong arm, athletic and I’m excited for his opportunity. I know the kind of feelings he’s got to be feeling this week.

“Although he’s started two games, this is his first chance as the guy.”

Ok, so they agree. They like the way they handle themselves…

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