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Broad Street Run 2011 Registration Begins

Registration for the 32nd annual Blue Cross Broad Street run in Philadelphia begins today. It's the largest 10 mile race in the US and if the Philadelphia Marathon was any indication, this looks like it will shape up to be yet another big running event in Philadelphia. It also means that if you're a runner that wants to be a part of the race, you should probably register early. The race is capped at 30,000 participants and takes place on May 1st.

Registration costs $36 and should be done online at the race's official website. The course begins up at Central Atlantic High School's athletic field and comes down Broad Street finishing at the Navy Yard. It's a competitive race too, having been named one of the fastest 10 mile courses by runner's world magazine.


Last year, the top 5 male runners finished in 48-49 minutes while the top female runners clocked in between 55 minutes and one hour... So it's a very fast pace. There's a team competition where you can pool the times of five runners in a group. Last year, the top team finished with a combined time of 2 hours and 36 minutes.