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Nnamdi Asomugha Will Be A Free Agent After Contract Voids

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ESPN is reporting that All Pro Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha has voided his contract in Oakland will be a free agent this winter. His deal had included a few curious incentive clauses included snaps played, interceptions & fumble recoveries which he did not meet. As a result of him missing these incentives, his contract was voided. Also part of the deal was a pledge on the Raiders part to not franchise him. So Asomugha will be an unrestricted free agent and undoubtedly the most coveted guy on the market.


This is the second straight year an elite level talent has will hit free agency. Last season, Julius Peppers signed a $91 million deal as the top free agent on the market. He was about to turn 30, just like Asomugha.


The obvious question is whether the Eagles should pursue him? Pass defense was a clear weakness for the Eagles this season and the play of corners Ellis Hobbs and Dimitri Patterson were a big part of that. Adding Asomugha would give the Eagles an elite corner opposite Asante Samuel and immediately upgrade their secondary to arguably the best in football. Money is always a concern and who knows what Nnamdi would be looking for… but this Eagles team is in win now mode and there’s an elite player at a position of huge need on the market. They have to take a run at him. Have to.