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ESPN: Philadelphia Eagles Could Add Defensive Consultant

ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is reporting that Andy Reid and the Eagles front office are considering bringing in a “consultant” to review the Eagles defense during the bye two weeks from now. He had no word on who it might be.


Obviously anything that could potentially help would be welcome, but I question why they would bother waiting until the bye? You risk being 1-5 at that point. Now, to be fair, it’s not likely the consultant would have much effect being brought in 4 or 5 days before this weekend’s game, but at the very least you could have them taking an early look.


If true, this does show some desperation on the Eagles part, which is absolutely a good thing. They should be desperate. They should be inventing ways to try and fix this disaster. Today Reid did give defensive coordinator Juan Castillo a vote of confidence, but clearly that level of confidence doesn’t seem to be terribly high.


The Eagles defense currently ranks 27th in the league in points allowed.