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Bernard Hopkins Retains WBC Title

Philadelphia native Bernard Hopkins was reinstated as WBC light-heavyweight champion Friday after the sanctioning body ruled that Hopkins' loss to Chad Dawson this past Saturday night in Los Angeles should have been ruled a technical draw instead of a technical knockout. 

he fight ended abruptly in the second round when Hopkins missed with a right hand and wound up hanging on Dawson's back. Dawson then picked Hopkins up by the leg and pushed him to the canvas, dislocating the joint connecting Hopkins left shoulder to his collarbone. When Hopkins could not continue, referee Pat Russell ruled the belt a no contest. Had Russell called a foul on Dawson, Hopkins would have retained the title via a no contest.

According to, Hopkins is happy with the decision, but Dawson's camp disagrees.

"I'm disappointed that the WBC saw fit to call it a technical draw," Gary Shaw, Dawson's promoter, told "I'm sure, as sure as I can be, is that the WBC will put Chad as the No. 1 mandatory again. I don't think it was the right decision. We believe Hopkins committed the first foul by going on Chad's back. Chad did what anyone would do and tried to get him off his back. I accept their ruling but I don't agree with it."

Though the 46-year-old Hopkins was returned the 175-pound title belt, the fight is still in the record books as a loss. In order to be overturned, the ruling would have to come from the California State Athletic Commission, which next meets Dec. 13.