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Eagles' Ronnie Brown At South Philly High This Morning

Eagles RB Ronnie Brown will visit South Philadelphia High this morning as part of his initiative to curb violence in schools. Brown says his program "23 WAYS to Stop Youth Violence" was successful in Miami and he’s excited to get it started in Philadelphia.


"I think, fortunately for us who are on this level, we have an opportunity and a chance to touch people’s lives outside of what we do on the football field." Brown said this week. "That was something that I started in Miami. It’s really an initiative that pointed at stopping youth violence. It started when I was in Miami with all of the stuff that was happening in the schools with some shootings and all those things. You never want to see that kind of stuff."


"I felt that instead of just starting a foundation, it was something that I wanted to be a part of where I could actually put some time into it. I was able to visit schools throughout the school year, in the season, and during our off days. I have a chance to do it up here tomorrow on the off day and speak to those kids and make a presentation. I have these guys from California who are film producers, and they do a great job making the presentations. It’s probably an hour or an hour and a half long with just the message that there are alternatives to handling things besides violence. No matter what background you’re from or what kind of struggles you’ve had in your life, you can always overcome them and that’s good."