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NBC Sports Bolts Philly, Likely Costing 100 Jobs

NBC Sports has announced that that they are pulling their regional sports operations as well as those of the Versus network out of Philadelphia and moving to Connecticut. The move will cost the city as many as 100 jobs.


When Comcast acquired NBC, they consolidated all their sports properties under the NBC Sports banner and now will be moving that entire business to Stamford, Connecticut. That also means that NBC Sports will leave it’s iconic home at Rockefeller Center In New York City.


Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy lured NBC to the state with a giveaway of nearly $35 million in tax breaks and other perks. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the operations of the Comcast Sportsnet affiliate would remain here in the city.


The move really makes Connecticut the center of the sports media world with both ESPN and NBC Sports now located there. World Wrestling Entertainment also calls Stamford its home.