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Phillies Offseason Update: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Madson and Roy Oswalt Listed As Type A Free Agents

Philadelphia Phillies Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Madson and Roy Oswalt were named Type A free agents Monday, which means the Phillies will get two draft picks in 2012 for each player who is offered arbitration before declining and signing somewhere else.

If the Philadelphia Phillies lose shortstop Jimmy Rollins, right-handed reliever Ryan Madson or right-handed starter Roy Oswalt to free agency this offseason, at least the team will get something in return.

The three players were labeled Type A free agents by the Elias Sports Bureau rankings Monday, meaning that the Phillies will receive two draft picks for every free agent who is offered arbitration and then declines and signs elsewhere. According to league rules, the Phillies would receive one pick from the team that ultimately signs the player and a pick in the compensatory round between the Rounds 1 and 2. The deadline for the Phillies to offer their free agents arbitration is Nov. 23. The Phillies are unlikely to offer the aging Oswalt arbitration but will likely do so for Rollins and Madson.

Right-handed reliever Brad Lidge and left fielder Raul Ibanez were classified Type B free agents, but the Phillies are highly unlikely to offer either arbitration.

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