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Hope Solo Is Naked In ESPN The Magazine

Every year, ESPN the magazine puts out their "body" issue in which they get a whole bunch of professional athletes to pose naked for them. It's focused on fitness, but come on. We know what they're selling here. I have to admit I was most looking forward to seeing our US Women's National Team goalie Hope Solo in the mag. She was on the cover and clearly seems to be who they're pushing as the main draw of this thing.

And oh yes, she's in there... watering a lawn... naked. And yeah, she's clearly in great shape. Clearly is on a fantastic workout program.  So do your patriotic duty and check out our US national team goalie after the jump.

Surprisingly, she is not the first US National Soccer team goalie to bare all for ESPN. Tim Howard was also in "the body issue" last year. So yeah, something for the ladies.