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Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. Says He Wants To Keep Ryan Madson and Jimmy Rollins

Two days before the Philadelphia Phillies will be forced to compete with the other 29 Major League teams for the services of free agents Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Madson, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Monday he'd like to re-sign both before they hit the open market, according to a story published by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"We'd love to keep them off the market if we can do it," Amaro said. "We've had discussions with the agents of both players."

The two players are listed as Type A free agents, meaning the Phillies would get two draft picks for each player that is offered arbitration, declines and signs with another team. Right-handed starter Roy Oswalt is also a Type A free agent, but it is unlikely the Phillies will offer him arbitration, whereas Philadelphia will almost definitely offer Rollins, a shortstop, and Madson, the team's right-handed closer. The Phillies have until Nov. 23 to offer arbitration.

"We want to keep both players because they have great value and are very good players," Amaro said. "We wanted to keep Jayson [Werth] last year, too, but we weren't able to compete with what he was offered. That could happen in these situations, too. We put values on players, and there is a stopping point."

Neither player's representatives have commented on Amaro Jr.'s desire to bring the pair back and it remains likely that both will entertain offers from other clubs on the open market.

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