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Philadelphia Marathon 2011: Race Will Showcase Largest Turnout Ever

The 2011 Philadelphia Marathon will showcase the biggest turnout in the event's history.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, 25,000 runners from Philadelphia and around the world signed up to participate. Organizers expect an additional 50,000 people will watch the event, which begins Sunday, Nov. 20 at 7 a.m.

One of the participants will be new Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris. Harris, 46, headlined a group of owners which bought the 76ers in October. He plans to give away one ticket for a home game to each runner.

"I am truly looking forward to running the Philadelphia Marathon and have been for quite some time," Harris said in a statement. "To join the participants - particularly those from the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas - as a representative of the Sixers is something that I'm proud to do."     

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