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Temple Vs. Ohio Score: Owls And Bobcats Tied 14-14 At Halftime

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a game.

The Temple Owls were able to pull even with the Ohio Bobcats in the second quarter of their game tonight (Nov. 2, 2011) at Peden Stadium in Athens, Ohio.

Twice, in fact.

When Bobcats quarterback Tyler Tettleton connected with Donte Foster on the opening drive, it looked like more of the same from the opening quarter.

Until Foster fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Temple’s John Youboty at the Ohio 32 yard line. Add to that a 15-yard penalty against the home team (personal foul) and Temple was in perfect position to capitalize.

And they did, right after Chris Coyer found Evan Rodriguez in the end zone followed by the extra point by Brandon McManus.

Tettleton took matters into his own hands just as soon as the Bobcats got the ball back, rushing for a five yard touchdown that became seven points courtesy of field goal kicker Matt Weller.

Temple again answered back after Weller missed the chance for another three and drove 69 yards across just three plays as Rod Streater reeled one in for 34 yards into the end zone.

McManus delivered to make it 14-14.

That’s where we stand at the half. Temple was able to stuff the Bobcats’ final drive, which should give them the confidence they need to keep playing well in the third quarter.

Time will tell.