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Temple Vs. Ohio Score: Owls And Bobcats Tied 21-21 End Of Third Quarter

With 15 minutes left to play in the Owls vs. Bobcats match-up, it’s still anyone’s game. That’s because Temple and Ohio are deadlocked at 21 apiece at the end of the third quarter.

The Bobcats had a huge play in their second drive when running back Donte Harden rushed for an 81 yard touchdown. Matt Weller’s extra point made it 21-14 in favor of the home team but Temple wasn’t about to just roll over.

Not by a long shot.

The Philly kids drove for 68 yards scattered across eight plays culminating in a 20-yard rushing touchdown for junior running back Bernard Pierce. Brandon McManus was spot on to make it a tie game.

Temple got the ball for a fourth time but was unable to convert, but also prevented the Bobcats from getting an opportunity to make a big play as the clock ran down.

See you in the fourth quarter!