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Philadelphia Marathon Results 2011: Mariska Kramer Wins Her Second Straight

Netherlands native Mariska Kramer crossed the finish line of the Philadelphia Marathon in two hours, 35 minutes and 46 seconds en route to her second straight victory at the event. Kramer beat the rest of the women’s field by more than five minutes.

Kramer also picked up the pace form last year, where she finished with a time of 2:38:55. It’s the second straight event overall that Kramer has won as well, as she was victorious in the Columbus half marathon last month. She takes home a cash prize of $3,500 for her victory.

The top Philadelphian in the women’s field was Donna Palisca of Bryn Mawr, who finished fourth with a time of 2:44:38. She’ll take home a $1,000 prize for being the top local finisher.

Organizers say that over 27,000 runners competed in the races this weekend and over 60,000 spectators were on hand to cheer them on.

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