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Eagles Expected More Running

In LeSean McCoy, the Eagles have the NFL’s leading rusher. So it would stand to reason that they’d want to actually use him in a big right? Of course not. McCoy got just 10 carries against the Patriots, a fact that surprised both McCoy and the offensive line.


“I thought I’d touch the ball a little bit more,” McCoy said. “I don’t ever judge the calls. We made some plays downfield early so maybe that was the reason why. We just got down real early.”


“I think everybody was expecting him to get more carries coming into the game." said center Jason Kelce, "You get down a little bit early, and then you have to start airing it out more just so you can save some of the time on the clock and make some big plays. I think that probably hindered him a little bit and hindered the carries that he was able to get.”