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Big Ten Championship Game 2011, Michigan State Vs. Wisconsin: Good TV Viewing For Saturday Schedule

Michigan State Spartans and Wisconsin Badgers are set to meet in the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday at 8 p.m. on FOX. And while Penn State will miss out on a chance to play for an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game, this contest should still provide plenty of excitement for college football fans of this fine region.

Bill Connely has done yeoman's work at SB Nation's college football hub to create a watchability ranking, from best to worst, for the 2011 College Football Championship Games. The Big Ten Championship Game clocks in as the third-best contest to watch. Here's Bill:

The best grind-it-out back in the country versus a grinding defense. That sounds like a recipe for 17-14 with long bouts of field position and punts. There is nothing wrong with that style, really -- it wins games -- but it isn't altogether exciting. Wisconsin, however, makes it work. They have been one of the more enjoyable teams to watch in recent years, and they are two desperation passes away from a spot in the national title conversation. Michigan State, the purveyor of Desperation Heave I, will attempt to make some magic again in Indy late Saturday night. And hey, bonus points for Gus Johnson.

He's got a point about Gus Johnson.

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