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Joe Frazier In Hospice Care According To Report

Boxing legend and former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier is in a Philadelphia hospice fighting the final stages of liver cancer. The Philly native reportedly learned of his condition four or five weeks ago. Reports state that doctors haven't told the 67-year old how long he has to live.

Leslie Wolff, Frazier's manager of seven years, told the Associated Press that the iconic boxer has been in and out of the hospital for the last month. Wolff's words, after the jump...

"We have medical experts looking into the all the options that are out there," Wolff said. "There are very few. But that doesn't mean we're going to stop looking."

"We appreciate every prayer we can get," Wolff said. "I've got everybody praying for him. We"ll just keep our fingers crossed and hope for a miracle."

Frazier, of course, is best known for his three fights with Muhammad Ali, in which he amassed a 1-2 record. Frazier became the first man to defeat Ali in 1971, a bout deemed the "Fight of the Century". Frazier and Ali also squared off in the famed "Thrilla in Manila".

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