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Philadelphia Eagles Have No Interest In Albert Haynesworth

Prior to the season, it was reported that the Redskins and Mike Shanahan were willing to trade Albert Haynesworth for anything rather than cutting him because they did not want to see him in Philadelphia where he’d re-unite with Jim Washburn. Haynesworth became one of the NFL’s best defenders while a member of Washburn’s line in DC.


So the Skins sent him to New England for a 5th round pick in 2013. This week, the Pats cut him. Naturally, there has been speculation that the Eagles might be interested now that he’s a free agent. However, the Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari reports that the Eagles will neither claim him off waivers nor sign him as a free agent.


And really, why would they? It’s been years since Albert Haynesworth was a useful player in this leauge and given how poor his been, it’s hard to believe that it’s all simply due to a lack of motivation.