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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Giants Loss Keeps Eagles Alive

The Eagles slim playoff hopes, while still farfetched, aren’t looking quite as slim as they were when the day started. As with all scenarios, the Eagles still need to win out. However, here’s what the Giants loss means.


For the Eagles to win the NFC East and make the playoffs they need the Giants to lose to the Jets next weekend and then they need the Giants to beat the Cowboys at MetLife Stadium in week 17.


Again, they also need to win out themselves. In doing so, the Eagles will have beaten the Cowboys next week. There’s also an odd scenario that could see them win out and actually still get in via the wildcard. For that to happen, they would need the Lions, Seahawks (not including their win today) and Bears to lose out while having the Cardinals lose two more times.


It all has to start with a win today against the Jets however.