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NBA Trade Rumors: Sixers Shopping Thaddeus Young?

Fox Sports' Sam Amico is reporting that the 76ers are "testing the market" for fourth year forward Thaddeus Young. He says the Sixers think they can get a mid first round pick or a center in return. Young has had a nice bounceback year after it appeared that he regressed under Eddie Jordan, but he is entering the final year of his contract. With Elton Brand and his giant contract not moveable for anything of value, plus the fact that he's the team's leading scorer and finally looking like they player they hoped... The team isn't likely to spend big money to keep Thad in the offseason. So either they deal him now or let him walk? It makes sense to get something of value while they can.

Plus, according to Liberty Ballers, Thad's value is at its high point. Thaddeus Young would benefit the Sixers on several levels. They'd be selling him when his stock's as high as it's ever been, alleviating themselves of a difficult decision this summer when Thad becomes a restricted free agent, and hopefully filling a need.