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2011 Slam Dunk Contest: Video Of JaVale McGee's Superior Performance

The NBA's much-hyped dunk contest this year ended up as a kind of a joke. Blake Griffin, who arguably shouldn't have made it into the final two, won the thing thanks mostly to his pre-contest hype rather than his actual performance. His gimmicky "dunk over a car" sounds a lot more impressive than it actually was. As Charles Barkley pointed out afterward, it "wasn't that good of a dunk." If you change the wording to "jumped kind of to the side of the hood of a car" it's not so exciting. Add in his blatant copy of a Vince Carter dunk, and the fact that he ended up settling for a watered down version of a tough dunk he failed seven times earlier... and Blake ended up as kind of a bust in the dunk contest, despite the fact he won.


Frankly though, it would have been a better story for the NBA if he actually earned the title. Griffin won the title in the pre-contest hype, the man who really earned it was Washington Wizards 7-footer JaVale McGee. Admittedly his final dunk was nothing special, but overall body of work last night was far more impressive than Griffin. DeMar DeRozan was better than Blake too... but that's another story. Here's McGee's performance from last night.