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Daytona 500 Results: Trevor Bayne Shocks NASCAR World With Win

On Saturday, Trevor Bayne turned 20 years old. On Sunday, he won the Daytona 500. With his shock win, Bayne became the youngest driver to ever win the great American race and only the second to win it on his first try. In fact, this was only Bayne's second career start. Undoubtedly when 2011 comes to an end and people are compiling their lists of the greatest upsets and unlikely events in sports of the year... Trevor Bayne's name will be at the top.


As he roared toward the finish Bayne shouted into his radio, “Are you kidding me?! Am I dreaming right now?”


No, they're not kidding and no you're not dreaming. Although unfortunately, you are too young to even legally drink champagne in the victory lane.. It was a crazy day overall at Daytona which saw records set for lead changes (74), different leaders (22), and cautions (16).


It was also a day of extremes that saw both a 14-car pileup and a pack of 12 cars all with a legit shot to win the thing on the final laps. The Nationwide Series heads to Phoenix next week for what should prove to be a very different race, as that one will be sans restrictor plate.