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Phillies Kick Off Spring Training Against Florida State

We can finally say it... baseball is back. The Phillies have kicked off their spring training schedule today against the Florida State baseball team. Among the regulars in the lineup for the Phils are Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, Raul Ibanez & Placido Polanco. Australian youngster Drew Nailor started the game for the Phils.

Philly got off to a quick start putting up four runs in the first inning with a couple RBIs from Ryan Howard and one a piece from Carlos Ruiz and Pete Orr, who started at second. After 3.5 innings the Phils lead 4-0 with Eddie Bonine and Drew Naylor each throwing two innings of shut out ball a piece. Juan Perez is now in the game for the Phils.

Florida State's Tyler Everett was charged with all four Phillies runs in the first. It also looks like Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard & Carlos Ruiz are all done for the day.