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Super Squibb Wins Wing Bowl 2011

The Wing Bowl has been become a tradition in Philadelphia held the Friday before the Superbowl by 610 WIP.  This is the 19th year the event has taken place and while it has suffered from some diminishing returns in recent years, there's no doubt that it's something many of us in Philly look forward to every year. That said, this year was a classic.


This year's contest came down to two former champions, the legendary El Wingador and Super Squibb, both hailing from South Jersey, and may go down as the closest wing bowl of them all. The two champions both broke the previous record of 241 wings, but it was Super Squibb who emerged victorious with 255 wings, one more than Wingador. Wingador announced after the event that he would not return for Wing Bowl 20.


Next year will however see the return of hot dog eating legend Kobayashi, who after breaking the speed cheesesteak-eating record this morning, vowed to return for Wing Bowl 20.