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Michael Vick Wins Comeback Player Of The Year Award

The Associated Press announced this evening that Eagles QB Michael Vick as the recipient of the NFL Comeback Player Of The Year Award. Vick has won every other publication's comeback player award, so the fact that he overwhelmingly won the AP's honor is no surprise. After spending last season as a seldom used gimmick/decoy, Vick seized the starting job this year after Kevin Kolb was injured and ended up starting for the NFC in the Pro Bowl.

He set career highs in QB rating, passing TDs, rushing TDs, completion percentage & passing yards. It was a career year at 30 years old and just two removed from a stint in federal prison.

Of course, it was as much of a life comeback as it was an on the field comeback. He left the NFL, and society in general, in disgrace two years ago. This season, not only did he regain much of his stardom, but made headways toward reforming his character. He spoke to schools nearly every week advocating against dogfighting & violence, and whether you're a person who believes he's being 100% genuine or not, if he inspires even one kid to stay on the right path then he's doing good.

So Michael Vick has indeed made his comeback and he's the deserved winner of this award... but next season, the story won't be about a comeback. It will be about expectations.