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Report: Arizona Cardinals Showing The Most Interest In Kevin Kolb

Following yesterday's report that a mystery team has an offer of a first round pick on the table for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, the rumor mill has really started to heat up. This is odd of course, because no player trades can be made during the work stoppage(which has no end in sight) and the draft is only a month away. That said, I suppose NFL GMs have to proceed as if business will be back to normal by the draft just in case it is.

Eagles president Joe Banner told the Inquirer today that the market for Kolb has been "more aggressive" than the market for Donovan McNabb was and that the teams who are pitching the Eagles are "the teams people are guessing they are." Banner says that the amount of teams interested in Kolb has grown since last year.

"the pool of teams interested in him is much bigger this year, by the dynamic of how many teams need a quarterback and how few other options there are to get one. There were a group of teams that last year tried to get by with OK quarterback situations and it didn't work out very well at all - all the West Coast teams, the Carolinas, the Miamis."

One of those teams appears to be the Arizona Cardinals according to Comcast Sportsnet's Derrick Gunn, who cites a source who says that the Arizona Cardinals have shown the most interest in Kolb. The source however, did not confirm or deny whether the Cards had offered a first round pick. Arizona currently holds the #5 overall pick in this years' draft, which would seem a like a bit much for a straight up swap for Kolb.

There's been a lot of smoke around this Kolb-Cardinals connection so far this offseason. It started with Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald saying that Kolb would be his first choice to be their starting QB next year. Afterward, Kolb said he was flattered by the report and if there discussions about a trade for him, he "hopes their name comes up."

If the Cardinals do have interest in Kolb, they may have some competition from the Vikings. Minnesota head coach Leslie Frasier said today "you’d have to consider a guy like Kevin [Kolb] if he becomes available."