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Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament: Jay Bilas & Joe Lunardi Upset Picks

This year's sweet 16 is full of Cinderellas with five teams seeded #8 or lower left in the bracket. Which of these have a chance to moving past the sweet 16 and potentially booking a trip to the final four? This was the question put to ESPN experts today. Jay Bilas threw his support behind #11 Virginia Commonwealth.

"VCU has the best draw of the double-digit seeds because it gets to play another double-digit seed that has had trouble scoring. Florida State is better defensively and has great length and athleticism to throw at VCU, but the Seminoles still have to score. If I were picking a draw among the double-digit seeds, I would choose VCU's."

Joe Lunardi disagrees, instead arguing that Butler has the best shot to advance.

"Butler is the best bet here for two reasons: 1) the Bulldogs are not playing in the same region as Kansas; and 2) the Butler players will be the only ones from a "surprise" team not pinching themselves when the regionals get underway. It's one thing to "hope" (Richmond, VCU, Florida State) and another to "expect." By this point, Brad Stevens' team clearly expects to advance."

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