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La Salle Center Aaric Murray Transferring

According to numerous sources on Twitter, the La Salle press release should be coming out soon regarding the decision of Philadelphia-grown Aaric Murray to transfer schools. The decision for the Explorers top scorer comes less than two weeks after their A-10 tournament loss to Temple.


Murray, a sophomore, averaged 15 and 8 in his second consecutive sub-.500 season as a college athlete. Unlike most transfers, he is expected to make the move to a better program, possibly in one of the Big 6 conferences. He’s a legitimate NBA prospect and there’s got to be some people questioning why he doesn’t just go straight to the pros rather than wasting a year of eligibility then leaving after his junior season when he’s 22. No word as of yet where he’ll be headed.


This is good news for Temple basketball, who would have had a really tough time defending him without the services of Lavoy Allen, who graduates in May.