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NFL Awards Eagles Two Compensatory Picks

The Eagles lost two free agents last year, DE Jason Babin(who went on to have a pro bowl season) and S Sean Jones, and as a result they will receive two compensatory picks in the upcoming 2011 NFL draft. The picks are two seventh rounders, the 236th and 239th overall. The Eagles have actually received the second most compensatory picks over the last 17 years.

As for some of the notable other comp picks awarded today... The Carolina Panthers received the highest comp pick, a third rounder, obviously for losing Julius Peppers. Peppers was one of the best players to hit free agency in a decade, so it stands to reason that the Panthers were compensated highly for him, although a 3rd round pick is hardly consolation for losing one of the best defenders in the game.


Green Bay got a 4th round pick for losing Aaron Kampman to Jacksonville, who got very little in terms of production from him. Four sacks in only right games played... Considering that Kampman wouldn't even fetch a 4th round pick in trade right now is a nice little deal for the Packers. The Titans also got a 4th round pick for losing Kyle Vanden Bosch, who didn't go on to do a whole lot in Detroit. Considering that the Titans signed Jason Babin, who had a far better year at the same position as Vanden Bosch, that's a nice little deal for them. The Giants actually got a sixth round pick for losing David Carr? The Vikings only got a 6th for losing Chester Taylor, who did nothing in Chicago, but signed for big money and was a good player in Minnesota.