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NCAA Tournament Elite 8 Bracket Predictions: Connecticut Vs Arizona

Perhaps the most even matchup of the entire elite eight is UConn against Arizona. Both teams are peaking at the right time and both teams boast one of the best players in the country. Kemba Walker & Derrick Williams have seen their stars and likely their NBA draft stocks shooting up in this tournament. The Huskies are in the midst of a pretty amazing run having one 8 straight games, including sweeping through the Big East tournament. Conventional wisdom would tell you that they should be out of gas by now, but they’ve only seemed to get stronger. Coach Jim Calhoun talked about his teams resiliency.

"I keep saying that the resiliency every day, go back to us losing 3 out of 4 after losing to Notre Dame, at home, and the exuberance they brought to the practice on Sunday morning. But it typifies the type of season they’ve had. Nothing seems to get them down. So it’s verification that you need occasionally that this — the kids are the same, the times have changed and the kids really do want to win and really listen and this group has done as good a job as any team I’ve had in a long, long time. I keep calling them an "old-fashioned" team, and they don’t play old-fashioned basketball. But they do have values. They want to win and they want to help each other. "

UConn comes into the game as a 3 point favorite. The Accuscore simulator has the Huskies winning 56% of the time. However, the most common score of 73-71 meaning Arizona covers.

Pick: UConn

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