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BYU's Brandon Davies Dismissed from Team Post-Sex

While most of BYU's success this season is due to the outstanding play of Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery, the 6'9 Brandon Davies has been integral to the interior play for the Cougars, averaging the most rebounds on the team. Unfortunately for head coach Dave Rose, the school's religious priorities got in the way.

Davies, a sophomore, admitted to having sex with his girlfriend, not wife, and was dismissed from the team. Pre-marital sex is against BYU's honor code and apparently grounds for dismissal from athletic teams. It's unclear what sexual position Davies was caught in, or whether he got dimed by a teammate or possibly ex-girlfriend. I'm sure there's plenty more story here that will hopefully come out soon. Currently, Davis feels "extremely remorseful and heartbroken" for his actions - not typical emotions after intercourse.

Coach Rose believes Davies will play for the team again, but how soon is a big question. The first game after he dismissal was a 82-64 shellacking at home at the hands of the unranked New Mexico Lobos. Previously ranked #3 in the nation, BYU will have to rebound quickly from the loss of their best low-post player by counting on Noah Hartsock to establish himself in the paint.

After the jump, read what BYU blog Vanquish the Foe had to say about the Davies situation.

I think we should all remember that, in the long run, sports don't matter all that much. I'm glad the university stuck to it's guns rather than holding a double standard. They did what was right and I support that.

Glad I chose against going to BYU for college.