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76ers Beat Rockets, Reduce Magic Number To One

Jrue Holiday scored 24 points and dished out 12 assists as the Sixers beat the Houston Rockets 108-97 to reduce their magic number to one. The Sixers actually could have clinched a playoff spot tonight with a Charlotte loss, but the Bobcats edged the Cavaliers 98-97 to keep their faint playoff hopes alive.

Thaddeus Young added 22 points and 9 boards while Andre Iguodala provided 10 of the Sixers 30 assists on the night. Former Villanova star and Philly native Kyle Lowry led the Rockets with 19 points.

Needing just one more win to secure a playoff spot, the Sixers have seven games left with next against New Jersey on Friday. The Sixers currently sit in the 6th seed in the Eastern conference on track for a first round matchup with Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and the Heat. However, given the way the Celtics have been playing lately, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Miami catch them for the 2nd seed. If the Sixers hold onto the 6th seed, they could very well see Boston in the first round.