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Will Phillies Opening Day Be Ruined By Rain?

The Phillies kick off their 2011 campaign tomorrow at 1pm against the Houston Astros at Citizens Bank Park. The forecast calls for an awful rain/snow mix and cold temperatures. So if you got tickets for the Phillies game, you probably want to dress like it's an Eagles game.

The question is, will there even be a game at all? Could opening day be postponed? According to the Weather Channel, probably not. Their forecast calls for rain and snow all morning and all of the late afternoon/night, but they've got a window from about 10am to 3pm where the precipitation should stop. So at the very least, the game should start with no problem.

However, it's going to be cold. Expect temperatures of around 40 at gametime and not really rising significantly for the rest of the day. No doubt that the Phillies might secretly be wishing they were still back in Clearwater, Florida. It's going to be nasty at gametime.

J-Roll is going to have to bust out the Elmer Fudd hats for sure.