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Report: Flyers Favorites To Host 2012 Winter Classic

TSN is reporting that the Philadelphia Flyers are the leading candidates to host the NHL's 2012 Winter Classic. According to the report, the most likely opponent is the New York Rangers.

It also says that the NHL would like to hold the game at 70,000 seat Lincoln Financial Field, however the Eagles are hosting the Redskins on New Years day, which has typically been when the Winter Classic held. Obviously that all but rules out the Linc. It also may well rule out New Years' Day.

The speculation now is that the game could be played at 40,000 seat Citizen's Bank Park on January 2nd to avoid the NFL. Moving the game to avoid competing with the NFL is smart, but as anyone who has watched the Winter Classic over the past few years, it's a lot more awkward in a baseball stadium.No doubt it would be fun to have it in Philly either way, it would just be more fun to have it at the Linc...

Of course, probably the best thing about the Flyers in the Winter Classic means that we'll get treated to an HBO 24/7 series starring the orange and black leading up to the event.  That will be awesome.

So far there's been no official confirmation, so for the moment we'll have to file this in the "very strong rumor" department.

James van Riemsdyk wants to know!

alot of tweets about us hosting the winter classic next year, has there been any official announcement yet?less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply