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Penn State to Renew Football Rivalry With Pitt in 2016

It has been eleven years since Penn State played Pitt in a football game, and it will be another five years until it happens again, but it will happen.


The two universities announced today that they have agreed to face each other in a home-and-home series in 2016 and 2017, reigniting a rivalry that has seen better days.


At Pitt, this is huge news. The students, community, and University have long sought to get Penn State back onto their schedule. Penn State, meanwhile, was not nearly as enthused. To Pitt, it creates a big draw to Heinz Field in 2016 and adds some credibility to their out of conference schedule. To Penn State, it… I don’t know, really. The game means much more to Pitt than it does to Penn State.


But hey, the two biggest college football teams in the state have agreed to play each other for the first time since 2000. That’s at least a start.