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Gold Cup 2011: TV Channel, Time Info

The United States takes on Mexico tonight in the finals of the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Coverage will begin at 8:30 pm eastern on Fox Soccer Channel. The game itself should begin around 9pm, which is 5pm on the west coast, where the game is being played in the Rose Bowl.

If you do not get Fox Soccer Channel, you can watch the game streaming live at The official hashtag for US fans is #USMNT, the official US Soccer twitter is @USSoccer and the official USMNT supporters club is @AmericanOutlaws

Finally, if you are a fan of the USA and you plan on twittering during the game... Please try and keep it classy. You really don't want to end up on this site and completely embarrass yourself. It's great that people want to get involved in this US vs Mexico soccer rivalry, but we can do it without racism and tired stereotypes.