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AT&T National 2011: Tiger Woods In Town, But "Disappointed" He Won't Be Playing

Tiger Woods is in town to host the 5th annual AT&T Classic being, but his injury will keep him from playing at Aronimink. Tiger addressed the media earlier this week to update his injury status and to give some thoughts on the event. First, it's worth noting that Tiger's foundation just opened a new learning center here in Philadelphia.

This week is actually a big week for us because we just launched a new learning center campus here in Philly, the KIPP DuBois School, so we're very excited about that. I know we're only here for two years, so it's exciting for us to leave a campus to leave behind here.

He says his knee is coming along, but he still hasn't begun hitting balls yet. Also, he does seem to regret trying to play at the Players Championship.

Everything is progressing. Both the knee and the Achilles are getting better. I haven't hit any golf balls yet. I have putted, so I guess that's not really hitting golf balls, is it. Probably in retrospect it was a borderline call whether I should have played THE PLAYERS. I played the call on that and played and wasn't quite 100 percent. Unfortunately I hurt myself there. Now this time around, it's different. I'm going at it differently. I'm setting no timetable, which is very different for me. Usually I set a timetable when I want to come back and play when I've had injuries before.

He was also asked whether his injury made Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors look more unattainable.

Absolutely not. He won when he was 46, right? I've still got some time. And on top of that, we're about the same pace, I believe, years on TOUR and majors won. So I feel pretty confident of what my future holds and very excited about it. I'm excited about coming out here and being ready to go instead of trying to kind of patch it, which I've been for a while.

Woods was asked a few times whether he thought he would be ready for the British Open, but he said he didn't know and had no specific timetable for his return.