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Manayunk Bike Race: Ted King Crashes, Breaks Clavicle

The Philadelphia International Cycling Championship has claimed its first victim, Ted King of the Liquigas-Cannondale. King has been diagnosed with a broken clavicle after a nasty spill. He probably described it best himself on twitter.

Storm grate, pavement, and an enormous crack between the two. 30mph to zero in the blink of eye. At hosp’ now for x-rays and junk. Uugh.

Sometimes driving around some of the potholes in certain areas of Philly can be dangerous… clearly it’s even more so on a bike. King has been pretty funny on twitter updating everyone as to his status though. Particularly about his experience in the hospital.

If you ever think you look really cool while wearing spandex, try walking through the downtown Philadelphia hospital ER.

It’s true… outside of the context of a cycling race, it’s not a great look.

Meanwhile, the race rages on. There’s only four laps left with just four riders in the lead pack.