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MLB Draft 2011: Phillies Have Three Picks In First Two Rounds

The 2011 MLB draft takes place this evening at 7pm and lasts over the next three days. Tonight is the first round, which can be seen live om MLB network. Tomorrow at noon the draft will resume for rounds 2-30 and then conclude on Wednesday with rounds 31-50.

The Phillies have no first round pick, but they do own a compensatory pick in the sandwich round between the first and second round and that pick will be made tonight. The pick is the 39th overall and was awarded to the Phillies for losing Jayson Werth. The Phillies also received the Nationals second round pick (#66) as compensation for Werth. They gave up their first round pick to Texas when they signed Cliff Lee. The Phillies own second round pick is the final one of the second round.

As a result very few notable mock drafts have had anything to say about the Phils, but ESPN recently did a piece on overall organizational philosophy in regards to the draft and had to say about the Phils.

The Phillies have drafted upside for years but went for signability with local prepster Jesse Biddle in 2010. In a deeper class this time around, Wolever may get back to his risk strategy, though such a plan hasn't turned up a lot of big leaguers in the earlier rounds. Philly leans toward the high school player, but mixed it up a year ago. There are indications that Wolver and the front office are more open to the college player this time around. Stay tuned.