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Amaro: Don't expect a major in-season Phillies trade

Frustrated over the Phillies' offense? Even with Chase Utley and Domonic Brown among those back in the lineup, Philadelphia has generally struggled to produce runs as of late, and there's reason to argue the team is in need of an upgrade, especially with shortstop Jimmy Rollins nursing an injury and other circumstances. However, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. recently said not to expect a major in-season Phillies trade that would bolster the offense with a veteran acquisition.

"You will not see a major move this year," Amaro said Wednesday, despite acknowledging that the team needs to get better at consistently knocking in runs. "I don’t think we need it. Right now, I’m happy with the guys we’ve got and I’m hoping they get us to the dance. This is a good team that is not playing as good as it is."


The Phillies' payroll is the second highest in the league, which means a trade would likely be a marginal move, but Amaro seems to have full confidence in the weapons the roster currently features. Placido Polanco and Ryan Howard have been productive as RBI leaders for the club thus far in the 2011 campaign, but reliable numbers from the SS position have been marred by inconsistency and injuries and the Phillies are still trying to nail down an everyday starter--one that can contribute both offensively and defensively--in right field.