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2011 Flyers Prospect Camp Ends; Brayden Schenn Shines In Scrimmage

Brayden Schenn played ridiculously well in the scrimmage today in Vorhees. The chances of those skills transferring to the NHL are high.

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After waiting five long days at Flyers Prospect Camp in Vorhees, fans finally got to see a scrimmage. The prospects were split into Team Black and Team Orange. On paper, Team Black seemed to be the favorites with Matt Read, Sean Couturier, Ben Holmstrom, and Erik Gustafsson, but it was the Orange squad that came out victorious with a 6-3 victory.

Team Orange (wearing white uniforms) was led by Brayden Schenn and Mike Testwuide. Schenn finished with three goals and one assist for four points on the day. It was a dominating performance. Dave Isaac of Philly Sports Daily tweeted this in reference to Schenn:

Schenn is a man amongst boys today.

Schenn showed excellent vision and great hockey sense. That's the type of stuff the Flyers are looking for in a center. Mike Richards had that sense on offense and defense so, as you can imagine, Paul Holmgren must be excited after what he saw today.

Flyers first-round draft pick Sean Couturier was another highly-watched prospect throughout camp. Couturier looked good in the two-way department, but his lack of body mass is clearly visible. He'll need to pack on some more muscle and fine tune his game before heading to the Flyers. 

As for Matt Read, he's definitely ready for the NHL, but he might not get a ton of playing time. Read is the type of player that does all of the right things. His attention to detail is admirable, but his size may push him back a few lines. Of course, being small is not bad in the NHL, but if you don't have Briere-like ability, it will definitely set you back.

As for the enforcer role? I think Zac Rinaldo wins. Tom Sestito is a mammoth, but Rinaldo has a grittiness that I love so much.

Other than that, it was a good camp and we got to see a lot of talented hockey players (some of which will be in the NHL come October). Training camp starts in September so the prospects can return to their respective training facilities to condition themselves for their next assignments.