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DeSean Jackson Thinks Plaxico Burress "Would Love To Play For The Eagles"

The latest stop in Plaxico Burress’ post prison campaign to get signed by the Philadelphia Eagles was a trip to California to hang out with DeSean Jackson. The Eagles pro bowl WR was a guest of Stephen A Smith’s radio show yesterday to talk about meeting with Burress and the prospects of him coming to Philadelphia.

“Honestly, Plaxico just came out to California, me and him just catching up. You know, he was actually a good friend of mine, just looking up to him, playing with the Giants he was just always a phenomenal receiver. So that’s crazy everybody just talking about the Eagles, asking about other teams. But in my mind, I think he would love to come play for the Eagles, you know, he and Vick – he already kind of had a connection with Vick – with him being in prison and him kind of talking to him before. So it might be a connection, bro, I don’t know. But regardless, I wish the best for him, and if he was to come to Philadelphia I think it would be a dangerous combination.”

It should be interesting to see what happens when the lockout is lifted. Burress has made his desire to come to Philadelphia quite clear. Both Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson have endorsed the idea of him being an Eagle… The only thing we don’t really know is whether the Eagles management would have any interest?