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Actual MLB All Star Game Start Time

The FOX telecast for tonight's game will begin at 8pm. However, it's worth noting that the first pitch is not scheduled until 8:36. So if you want to skip all the commercials and other nonsense, you can wait an extra half before tuning in.

Of course, last year the first pitch didn't even actually happen until 8:50. So in reality, you may very well have an extra hour. Plus, if you set the DVR for this game, you might end up only getting the first seven innings...


But hey... It counts everyone, thanks to arguably the dumbest rule in pro sports today. The winner of tonight's game gets homefield advantage in the world series. Considering they've got the best record in baseball and are the odds on favorites to win the National Leauge, this awful rule is of special importance to the Phillies. Of course, the only effect the team can have on the outcome of the game is the four innings that will be thrown by Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.


So good luck fellas.