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2011 MLB All Star Game: Roy Halladay Mows Through AL In 9 Pitches

Well, that was quick. Roy Halladay took the hill for the National League in the bottom of the first inning of the 2011 MLB All Star game. First pitch was at 8:36 and by 8:41, the inning was over.

It took the reigning NL Cy Young winner only 9 pitches to retire Curtis Granderson, Asdrubal Cabrera & Adrian Gonzalez for a perfect first inning. Considering he’s only scheduled to pitch two innings, Roy Halladay is once pace for extremely quick and stress free night. That should suit Phillies fans just fine. A quick Halladay start means their ace is preserved, while the AL is held scoreless, which bodes well for the Phillies chances at snagging home field advantage should they reach the World Series.

In the bottom of the first, Jered Weaver walked Matt Kemp, but otherwise got through the first pretty quickly himself. It’s 0-0 after one in Phoenix and we’ve got three innings worth of Phillies starting pitching left.