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Plaxico Burress Spreading The Philly Love

Plaxico Burress continues to show signs that he wants to be an Eagle.

We all saw Plaxico Burress exit prison with a Phillies cap on. That was obviously a billboard saying "I WANT TO BE AN EAGLE." But,  that was pretty much the last we saw of Plaxico's public displays of love for the city of Philadelphia.

ALAS! We have new developments.

First, my man Kyle Scott over at Crossing Broad posted an article which includes a number of tweets from Plaxico. Apparently, Plax was "chillen" with DeSean Jackson and he thought Djacc was a funny guy.

Okay, you're sitting there thinking this is all just eggwash and none of it is really important. Think again...

Jonathan Donnelly (@JonDon323), a South Philly resident and intern at 97.5 The Phanatic, tweeted Plaxico:

How many minutes after the lockout are u going to wait to sign with the Eagles?

Plaxico's response...

As soon as they will have me!


Sure this could all be a joke, but ProFootballTalk seems to disagree. Plaxico receives dozens of tweets per day so why would he choose to respond to this one? I'm not a genius, but my Twitter senses tell me that celebrities only answer the tweets that they feel strongly about.

Since I'm in the mood to spread more Crossing Broad love, K. Scott goes on to say the following about a recent Jimmy Rollins interview:

J-Roll™ also said that Plaxico Burress told him he wears a Phillies cap because Jimmy is his favorite player.

I mean how many more signs does the guy have to give the Eagles to let them know he wants to join the team? Perhaps the Eagles want him just as badly and it's just a case of the lockout still being in place.

Sal Paolantonio said on ESPN this morning that the NFLPA and owners are willing to work on Saturday and Sunday to get the deal done by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Great news!