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Eagles Agree To One Year Deal With WR Steve Smith

The Philadelphia Eagles added yet another former pro bowler today when they agree to a one year deal with former Giants WR Steve Smith. Smith had a pro bowl year in 2009 season when caught 107 passes for over 1200 yards and seven TDs. He was well on his way toward another big year last season, but his year was ended with a knee injury that required microfracture surgery to correct. CSNPhilly's Ruben Frank reports that he is still rehabbing that injury and that the Eagles believe he could be back by midseason. So you should certainly not expect the instant impact of a guy like Nnamdi Asomugha.... Andy Reid says it was a risk work taking.

"Like I've said many times before, Howie Roseman and I are always keeping our eyes open for good football players and players that we think can help our football team win," said Reid. "And Steve Smith certainly fits that category. He's a Pro Bowl quality receiver that we will work into our offense as soon as he is ready to go. We feel very good about our current group of receivers and Steve adds another dimension to that position. He's played very well against us in the past few years and we're happy to have him on board."

It's an interesting move that will probably upset Giants fans and make a ton of #12 blue jerseys obsolete, but should Eagles fans be celebrating? That really depends on how healthy Smith is. If it's true that he won't play until midseason, obviously his impact will only be possible later in the year... but if he's anything close to the player he was before the injury, that could be a major impact. Smith is an excellent route runner with great hands that was Eli Manning's favorite target.

Smith was expected to return to the Giants, but he either didn't like what they were offering or they didn't like his medical condition. People will call this a "low risk/high reward" signing for the Eagles and it certainly has the potential to be... Although that said, it remains to be seen just how "high reward" a WR coming off major knee surgery that may only be available for a half year could actually be.