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Eagles Vs Steelers Preseason: Mike Kafka Provides Some Late Highlights

The Eagles first and second teams were more or less crushed by the Steelers tonight in Pittsburgh (read our first half report here), but Mike Kafka and the Eagles third/fourth stringers at least provided some positive highlights late.

Kafka was 14 of 19 for 160 yards and two TDs as he led the Eagles on two late scoring drives and did a nice job running the hurry up offense. Now, clearly it seemed like it was against a largely disinterested Steelers defense, but the fact is that their 3rd/4th string guys are playing for jobs as well and Kafka handled them well.

He did a nice job stepping in the pocket to avoid pressure, was accurate with his throws and found the open receiver on just about every play. Again, it was against scrubs playing prevent, but the kid can only play the team you put in front of him.

Rookie RB Dion Lewis also flashed some playmaking ability when he took a quick dumpoff pass 40 yards with some nifty moves, good open field vision and impressive speed. He also had a 14 yard run to his credit, however did fumble once… But in a game where there really wasn’t much to be happy about, Lewis’ performance did stand out in a positive way.