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Eagles Sign RB Ronnie Brown To One Year Deal

The Eagles announced today they’ve agree to a one year deal with free agent RB Ronnie Brown, who spent the last six seasons with the Miami Dolphins. Brown provides the team with the veteran backup to LeSean McCoy that they previously lacked. Brown was taken #2 overall by the Dolphins in 2005 and has compiled over 4,800 hundred yards rushing and 38 touchdowns in his NFL career. He made his first pro bowl in 2008.

“Ronnie is an all-around running back with a versatile skill set,” Eagles GM Howie Roseman said today. “He can run the ball, catch it, and does very well in pass protection. He’ll add some good size to our backfield and he’s a good character guy. We think he’ll be a tremendous compliment to LeSean [McCoy] and the other young backs on this team that we really like. You can never have enough good running backs in this league and we are happy to have Ronnie join us.”

Brown does appear to fit perfectly in the mold of an Eagles back. He’s a threat running and catching the ball, plus he has plenty of experience taking direct snaps, as it was the Dolphins using him in the Wildcat package that sparked the craze around the NFL.