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Antonio Bastardo Blows First Save Of Year As Nats Drop Phils In 10th

Antonio Bastardo blew his first save attempt of the year on Sunday afternoon as the Nationals dropped the Phillies in the 10th inning. Despite a go-ahead run forced in by a single in the top of the ninth inning by Michael Martinez, who played third base for the Phils in the finale of the team’s three-game divisional series, Bastardo gave up a home run to Ian Desmond and Brad Lidge hit a batter with the bases loaded in extras to seal the win for Washington.

The Nationals lost the first game of the series by a score of 8-4, but worked their way into contention for the series over the last two days and sealed their victory in extra innings on Sunday, which also featured a rain delay. Heading into the final inning, the Phils and Nats were knotted up with runs each, but Martinez was able to drive in Raul Ibanez before Bastardo gave up the homer that tied the game up again.

Starting for the Phils on the mound on Sunday, Roy Halladay went five innings, allowing seven hits and two earned runs while striking out five batters. Offensively, Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley each homered, while Martinez’ RBI was the 20th of his 2011 season.