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Raiders Select Terrell Pryor In Third Round Of Supplemental Draft

The NFL held its supplemental draft today and controversial Ohio State QB Terrell Pryor was selected in the third round by the Oakland Raiders. The way the supplemental draft works is that if a team uses one it's picks, they then lose that pick for next year. So essentially, they're just making their pick a year early from a pool of usually 4-6 eligible players. There was some idle talk that the Eagles could be interested in Pryor and they did attend his recent pro day, but it never really made much sense.

Pryor is actually suspended for the first five games of this season, so it will essentially be a red shirt year for him and he'll basically be a waste of a roster spot. For the Raiders though, I suppose it does make sense. They still are looking for a QB of the future and he does a run fast 40, which we all know they love. Really, if they had him rated as a third round talent last year, then why not take him with next year's pick right now and get him to start learning your system?

In this past draft guys like Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick were taken with second round picks. Frankly, rolling the dice with a talent like Pryor for a 3rd round pick and giving him a full season to sit and learn makes more sense to me than either of those picks.

By virtue of their pick of Pryor with a third rounder, that means Oakland will have no selections in the 2nd through 4th rounds in next years' draft.

No other players were selected in the supplemental draft